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Episode 4 – Get the Odds in Your Favor

Cobblestone Capital Advisors
Cobblestone Capital Advisors
Episode 4 – Get the Odds in Your Favor

Today we sit down with Charlie Ruff, Senior Portfolio Manager at Cobblestone Capital Advisors.

We ask Charlie about:

– the basics of stock investing

– risk, reward, timelines, volatility

– why do stocks rise and fall?

– the difference between individual stocks and the whole market

– the importance of knowledge in investing – and how hard it is for professionals to outperform the market

– the economic fundamentals behind stocks

– how to build a balance portfolio of stocks

– the importance of human behavior in investing

– what’s going on with “meme stocks,” especially Bed, Bath, and Beyond

– ensuring you know the different between investing, speculation, gambling, and fun

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Disclosure: Information presented in this podcast is not intended to be nor should be construed as individualized investment advice. All content is of a general nature and solely for educational, informational and illustrative purposes. Investments in securities are not insured, protected or guaranteed and may result in loss of income and/or principal. Opinions of unaffiliated third-parties may not represent those of Cobblestone Capital Advisors or its employees.