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Frequently Asked Questions

How large is your firm?

Cobblestone combines the resources of a large firm with the personal touch of an independently owned investment advisor. We have grown primarily through the referrals of satisfied clients and today serve over 750 clients with assets totaling more than $2.6 billion. Our clients range from individuals and families to not‐for‐profit endowments, pension plans, foundations, and insurance pools. Cobblestone has a team of 40 professionals in Rochester, New York with extensive experience in portfolio management, wealth planning, and financial consulting.

What services do you offer?

We offer traditional investment management and wealth management services, as well as private investments and family office services.

What are Cobblestone’s qualifications?

Our in-house team includes five Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholders, five Certified Financial Planner™ certificants, one Juris Doctor, and three Certified Public Accountants. The majority of our employees have at least 10 years of industry experience and many have been with Cobblestone for over 20 years. Our extensive investment and planning expertise is designed to help clients build, manage, and preserve wealth.

How many people will be working with me?

Our multidisciplinary, team approach is a strength of Cobblestone. While your primary point of contact will be your Relationship Manager, your team will also include several additional financial professionals such as a Portfolio Manager, Client Service Associate, and Wealth Planner.

What is your approach to communicating with clients?

We understand that communication is critical in developing a successful relationship with each individual client. Our team adjusts to how and when you prefer to review portfolio performance and asset allocation, or discuss market conditions. To keep our clients informed, we deliver quarterly newsletters and informational pieces with perspectives on current market and economic conditions. We also maintain regular communication in times of major disruption, providing guidance as to what actions may need to be taken. Cobblestone communicates promptly if there are significant positive or negative trends in investment performance, or noteworthy changes in investment philosophy or key staff positions.

How will I pay for your services and how is Cobblestone compensated?

Cobblestone is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor. We are independent and independently owned. Because we have a fiduciary responsibility, our efforts are focused solely on you and your success. Unlike brokers, we do not accept any commissions. We calculate management fees according to the fair market value of account assets. Fees are assessed quarterly, in advance. Consulting fees are quoted separately.


Investment Management Fee Schedule

$0 ‐ $1,500,000……………………..1.00%

$1,500,001 ‐ $5,000,000………….0.75%


In an investment management capacity, Cobblestone has full discretion to take action within a portfolio. Cobblestone receives no other compensation for its services. Private investment vehicles may also be subject to performance-based fees. All fees are subject to change.

Has Cobblestone ever been publicly disciplined for any unlawful or unethical actions?

No, Cobblestone has never been subject to any pending litigation or regulatory issues. Cobblestone is committed to maintaining a strong and effective compliance program. As an investment advisor registered with the SEC, Cobblestone is subject to regulatory compliance inspections and examinations.

Do you have a succession plan for ownership of your firm?

Yes. Since our founding in 1986, ownership and management have transitioned from senior partners to new generations many times, and we are well prepared to do so again. The firm has actively engaged external resources for guidance and perspective on succession issues. Our trust in the firm’s stability is reflected in the fact that many of the partners and employees are also clients.

For additional questions, please contact Cobblestone today.

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